Connecting schools and churches. Communicating Christian beliefs and values. Creating space to explore faith.

About PACE

What does PACE do?
Creating opportunities for children to explore the Christian faith.
For over 25 years PACE has worked in Guernsey schools, engaging with students of all ages. We have a dedicated team of schools workers and volunteers who support teachers by leading assemblies, lessons, lunch clubs and Prayer Spaces. We see the work of PACE having three main objectives:
1.  Connecting schools and churches.
It is important for us to encourage links between schools and churches because the Church in Guernsey could be an incredible resource and witness to local schools. Students need to know what authentic Christianity looks like and local churches can make valuable contributions to education on the island when they support their schools. 
2. Communicating Christian beliefs and values.
A key purpose of PACE is to communicate what Christianity is all about. Whether in an assembly, lesson or lunch club, Christian beliefs and values are at the core of what we do. As we share these we contribute to students’ religious education and moral and spiritual development.
3. Creating space to explore faith.
Our presence in schools provides opportunities for students to explore faith. For example, lunch clubs provide safe places for students to relax, have fun and discuss matters of life and faith. Prayer Spaces enable students to learn about and experience prayer in imaginative and interactive ways.
These three objectives together make up our mission statement: 
“Connecting schools and churches. Communicating Christian beliefs and values. Creating space to explore faith.”

What we do

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Collective Worship

Find out about collective worship (assemblies) that PACE run in schools

Lunch Clubs

Lunch Clubs play a big part in the life of PACE. Find out what we do in a lunch club

Prayer Spaces

Prayer Spaces encourages students to explore prayer and contemplation.


Providing Religious Education lessons in schools in a fun and relevant way.

Can you help support PACE by prayer or even financially?

Our Team

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Lisa Griffin
Lisa is originally from Solihull in England, moved to Guernsey in 2012 and joined the PACE team as a Schools Worker. Click on my name to find out more…
Sarah Snell
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Schools Worker, Secretary
Sarah joined PACE in 2017 after volunteering at a Prayer Spaces event where she got to know more about the work of PACE. Click on my name to find out more…
Phil Baskerville
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Schools Worker, RE specialist.
Phil joined the PACE team in September 2017 primarily to help develop our RE lesson provision. He brings great experience and expertise as a former R.E. teacher and church leader. Click on my name to find out more…
Victoria Thorburn
Victoria joined PACE in 2019 after completing an HND course in Art and Design where she was able to explore her faith through her art. She enjoys working with the youth and finding creative ways to explore faith in the world today. Click on my name to find out more…

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