25th April 2016


The PACE team are available to lead, help or contribute in lessons for pupils of any age. We can provide input on aspects of the Christian faith as part of the Religious Education syllabus and also give a Christian perspective on different topics.

PACE offers a wide range of lessons for primary schools, looking at topics such as creation for the infants, to parables and baptism for the juniors. Please get in touch for more details on the 30 plus lessons that we offer. Our lessons use techniques and activities to explore questions that the students may already be studying. PACE lessons are interactive with a variety of stimuli used to engage students such as: craft, drama, discussion, film clips, handling artefacts, quizzes and more.

PACE is now a recognised centre for REInspired lesson materials in Guernsey. REInspired is an organisation which has been delivering RE lessons on Christian topics for nearly 30 years in England. They are dedicated to working with local schools creating relevant lessons that fit with the RE syllabus. They partner with churches all over the country in order to support and equip organisations to deliver high quality lessons on a range of different topics. Click here to visit their website.

We currently lead ‘Walk Through The Bible’ lessons on behalf of the organisation, running both the Old and New Testament series (OT MINI and NT MINI) in various schools for Year 5 and 6 students. This incorporates a mixture of different teaching methods, including multimedia, interactive stories and hand-signs to help students remember the key characters and events. These 5 week courses are now an accredited resource recommended for teaching the ‘Understanding Christianity’ syllabus in the UK. In Guernsey these courses are extremely popular and have been taught to over 5000 pupils in every primary school by our trained team of volunteer presenters. To find out more click here.

We also provide a Transition Lesson for Year 6 during the Summer Term, looking at the “Changes, Challenges and Choices” pupils will face as they move to secondary school.

Our secondary school work has expanded over the last five years and we now offer a variety of lessons that tackle some of the big questions to do with religion. The various lessons we offer include creation and science, evil and suffering, faith serving the community, marriage, poverty, prayer, prejudice and discrimination and Christian attitudes to war. Our lessons are activity-based to explore definitions, stories and teachings with time given to discussion.

For several years, we have also worked with students at Le Murier to help them plan, prepare and present an assembly to the rest of the school as part of their ASDAN qualification. The course runs once a week for six weeks. During this time the students choose and study a Bible story and then explore and develop ideas for presenting it to the rest of the school.

“I enjoyed how interactive the lesson was, I also liked the film.” – Student

If you would like us to teach at your school or provide resources for you to do so, please do get in touch.