Meet our new team member: Sarah Snell

I go to Les Camps Methodist Church and have been involved in the children’s ministry there for the last few years. I remember PACE assemblies when I was in school and would never have thought I would be doing them now! The puppets were always my favourite… and still are!

I have particularly enjoyed Prayer Spaces, and the lessons, hearing the children’s views and exploring different topics and Bible stories with them.

The thing I am finding most challenging is being confident and comfortable with speaking in front of a large crowd in assemblies when all eyes are on you. It is definitely a step (or a leap) out of my comfort zone but with each assembly hopefully this will improve!

Working with PACE has also made me more aware of how much of the Bible I haven’t delved into yet, we all know the story of Noah, or Jonah but it’s been great to learn new stories that I have never come across!

I am really enjoying being in the PACE team and am looking forward to what’s ahead.