Weekly Update

This week we are having our regular lunch clubs and had an assembly yesterday at Le Rondin. We wrote a different assembly to suit the needs of the children at the school. We did our assembly on Creation. We taught them a creation song, encouraged them to explore objects from creation and read the creation story. Our theme was harvest and being thankful for God’s creation.

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers in regards to the number of children attending lunch clubs. We went to our first lunch club at Vauvert and were delighted to have 29 very enthusiastic children! Due to the large number of children we now run two lunch clubs at Vauvert at the beginning and end of lunch. Please continue to pray for more attendance in our other schools.

The secondary team have been doing assemblies in Ladies college and in Elizabeth College with the theme of gratitude and serving others. They are also running regular lunch clubs in La Mare de Carteret, Blanchelande, St Sampsons, Elizabeth College, Ladies College, Grammer and Les Beaucamps.