Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to you all.

This term we have hit the ground running with many different activities starting straight away. One of the exciting opportunities is helping a group of students at Le Murier School with their ASDAN qualification. We will spend the next 5 weeks helping them to develop an assembly based on a Bible story which they will then present to their peers. We are thrilled to have been asked for the third time to come and help the students with this project.

We are also looking forward to catching up with the students after the Christmas break in our senior lunch clubs. These weekly groups allow students the chance to play games and chat in a fun and relaxed setting and it is a real blessing to be part of their school week!

Sarah and Sian started their OT Mini course at Forest and Phil started another one at St Martins! Our term is full of these courses, with multiple lessons going on each week so we’d really appreciate your prayers!

We’re looking forward to the year ahead and excited for the opportunities that God will give us to develop our work.