What an amazing week! Bob Hartman’s visit!

Wow, it has been an incredible week. Bob Hartman spent the week with us, visiting 8 schools, speaking at churches and running a storytelling workshop.

Bob’s busy week began by speaking at our AGM last Monday. On Tuesday we visited Beechwood, where Bob led an assembly and two lessons for Year 5. They really enjoyed it, there was a lot of laughter! Some of the children even asked Bob for his autograph, which soon had nearly the whole class getting one! That afternoon we took Bob into St Martins where he again led two lessons this time with Year 3 and an assembly.

On day 2, we started with St Mary and St Michaels, holding multiple lessons and ending with an assembly. This was followed by two lessons and an assembly at Amherst. A lesson with Bob usually involved him telling a number of interactive stories, answering questions and inventing a brand new story with the children.

Thursday started with a junior assembly at Vauvert followed by the morning at La Houguette. Here Bob did two lessons and an assembly. An assembly with Bob consists of just him (and occasionally some volunteers too!). He stands at the front of the hall and tells a story, always with a message alongside. The children will join in and do the actions and noises to help bring the stories to life. It’s a lot of fun! After La Houguette we spent the afternoon at Notre Dame. Again the children were very enthusiastic. One child even said that she thought Bob’s books looked very intriguing and that he had inspired her to write stories too.

On the last day in school’s Bob visited Vauvert and La Mare, taking lessons and workshops. These were received very well.

On Saturday morning we had invited teachers, church leaders and children’s workers to a storytelling workshop run by Bob. It was a fantastic morning, Bob taught us lots of tips and tricks about storytelling and we had a lot of fun as well! Thank you to everyone who came, donated or helped bring the morning together!

Bob ended his busy week by speaking at two churches on Sunday, Les Camps Methodist and Vazon Elim.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Bob for visiting us and teaching us so much. Thank you also to his hosts, those who donated and made this week possible. We ask that you join us in thanking God for this opportunity and also pray that Bob has a restful week!

This week we will be continuing our Transition Lessons at Notre Dame, St Mary and St Michaels, St Martins and Forest and taking a number of assemblies in Castel, Amherst and La Mare Primary and High schools.

Please see these photos below of Bob in action!