Back to School!

The beginning of September means the start of a new school year and we are looking forward to all the new and exciting opportunities that this year has in store. There are a couple of pieces of team news we would like to share with you. Firstly, as many of you will know, Phil was due to have a hip replacement at the start of this term (4th September). We have had word from him that all is well and he is recovering on the ward and hopes to be home by the weekend. Please pray for Phil as he takes some time to rest and recover following his operation. 

The second piece of news is that PACE is hiring. We are looking for someone passionate about children and young people to come and join our team. If you know of anyone who would be interested in a part-time schools worker position please encourage them to get in touch at Please also pray for the right person to come along and join us. 

The start of term has been a mix of meetings and emails as we start to contact schools and plan out our vision and goals for the year. Lisa had the opportunity to go to a School’s Worker day conference put on by Youthscape held in Luton on Monday. She was able to connect with other organisations who are doing similar work all over the UK and beyond. Lisa was reminded of the importance of being a Christian presence in schools. Scripture Union state that 95% of children and young people don’t engage with a local church. Therefore the work that PACE does could be the only interaction that some young people and children have with Christianity. If you would like to get involved in our work in anyway please do get in touch. 

Finally, please pray for the team as they embark on the adventure of a new school year. You may have missed our summer newsletter so we have attached it for you to look at.