Weekly Update

Following a refreshing half term break the PACE team are back in action. Phil has been given the all clear following his hip replacement and has now rejoined the team. It is great to have him back and we are thankful that all has gone well following his operation. Thank you for praying for Phil over the last few months.

This week we have led 11 lessons on the Christian views on Creation at three different schools: La Mare, St Sampsons and Ladies College. We have enjoyed all these sessions and the students have engaged really well with the activities and questions. It is always interesting to hear from the students about how they think the world was created. Some of the sessions have been with Year 7 students. We have enjoyed reconnecting with pupils that remember PACE from primary school and finding out how their transition to secondary school has gone. Much to the joy of Phil one major thing they remember is the ‘creation song’ and so we have had many renditions sung to us this week!!

In senior lunch clubs we have looked at the topic of forgiveness, posing the question ‘how easy do we find it to forgive?’ In BOLT clubs the theme for this week was ‘Jesus came to do good’.