Weekly Update

It’s been a busy few weeks, with lots of new activities starting. Our new OT Mini Presenters are beginning to lead courses. Last week, Claire Hill and Phil started back to back sessions at Vale. These are going really well and Claire is enjoying the challenge of these lessons.

We’ve now done four more Creation lessons at senior schools, completing all 15. These would not have been possible without the help of Adam and Emma who have enjoyed connecting with their local schools and being involved.

Victoria made her debut in senior assemblies, helping lead alongside Lisa and Phil at Elizabeth College. The theme of this assembly was teamwork and we used the Malteser Challenge (imagine a wooden spoon attached to a metre long stick and trying to feed someone else a Malteser with it) to illustrate it. This activity caused great amusement and I’m sure the point of working together was made! We’ve also led another senior assembly at Blanchelande looking at “Unexpected Heros” where we looked at the life of Paul and the challenges he faced.

Our last primary assembly of this term has started. We’re focusing on Advent and preparing for Christmas. We encourage the children not to forget about Jesus amongst all the excitement of food, presents, trees and decorations. The assembly starts with a “Penguin Waddle Relay” where two teams of four race each other from one side of the hall to the other with a present between their knees. This has been very funny to watch! We go on to read the story of the Wise Men from the Bible and conclude that Jesus is the most important present of all. So far we have been to Amherst, Vale and Vauvert. We also visited Le Murier with this assembly too.

Finally, we had a goodbye/thank you coffee with Emma this week. Although she is leaving the day to day team, she will still be volunteering with us for various parts of our working week. So we’re pleased to still have her working with us.