PACE Update

This term started like all those that have gone before it, with a team meeting however, this one looked like no other in the history of PACE, it took place over the internet on Zoom – the new ‘normal’ for so many people working from home. It was announced last week that Guernsey Schools will remain closed until May half term. This means no PACE activities will be able to take place for the foreseeable future.

We are often asked how many schools there are on the island. There are 16 primary schools and 8 senior schools that we work in. We have designed a map for you to see the location of these schools. Please do continue to pray for the schools at this time.

The team will be taking this time to catch up on admin and to prepare lessons and resources for future activities. Phil is very busy planning and preparing for the launch of a new 5 week New Testament Mini course (from Walk Through the Bible)  which we hope to be able to roll out later this term or in the new school year. Sarah is busy working on our website and we hope to have an updated ‘History’ page to share with you soon. Victoria is keeping busy by creating lots of great visuals for us to use in our work. Lisa has been busy reading and updating the policies… we will let you decide who drew the short straw!! 

Here is a little piece of history as Phil prepares to launch NT Mini. We have been teaching our 5-week Bible courses – Walk through the Bible – since October 2008 and, for those who like numbers, some amazing figures:

First ever course in Guernsey was at Vale Juniors in 2008 where our very own Victoria was a member of the class! (Phil feels very old!)

Since that one course in 2008-9 it became 3 courses in 2009-10; 4 courses 2010-11; 14 courses 2011-12 and in 2012-13; 18 courses in 2013-14; 22 courses in 2014-15; 17 in 2015-16; 23 courses in 2016-17; 22 in 2017-18; 15 in 2018-19 and this current year we hope to complete 17 courses. That’s a total so far of 170 courses……850 lessons… 5,797 children in every primary school in Guernsey! Amazing! And with lots of new presenters trained, many more lessons to come! 

We hope you are all keeping well during this time. Thank you as always for your support!