OT Mini

Jo has written up an overview of OT Mini as she has been watching sessions and learning how the course works.

OT Mini is a wonderful way to bring the Bible to life.

The Old Testament is presented in hour sessions in a visual way with props and PowerPoint slides and live action storytelling.

There are actions (like sign language signs) for the children to learn which helps them remember the chronological order of the Old Testament.

Last half term Frances, Bryan and Mark led OT Mini at Beechwood where 42 students attended 5 sessions. At La Hougette Sarah-Jayne and Eleanor brought OT Mini to 42 students across 10 sessions. At Melrose Tom and Eleanor presented to 24 students over 5 sessions.

This half term Sarah and Eleanor will be leading at Forest to 20 students across 5 sessions. Lisa, Bryan, Frances and Mark will be leading at Vale with 61 students being led over 15 sessions. There will be 28 students reached at Le Rondin over 10 sessions. 

We are delighted that Term 2 of the school term brings us to a total of 50 OT mini sessions reaching 217 students. 

We are very grateful to our volunteers and supporters to enable us to reach so many students and having the opportunity to breathe new life into the storytelling of the Old Testament. 

The children have learned what they have heard so well, often saying what signs come next even before the presenter has said or remembering names like Abraham and where he comes into the story. This shows that OT Mini is easy for the children to follow and learn and is being presented well. 

At the end of the five weeks, comments from pupils were : “OT Mini shows us that God is kind”. “We can see that God loves us”. “We loved the props and the slides”. The children also had their favourite Bible characters at the end of the five weeks. One teacher said “I have certainly learned a lot over the past five weeks and I find that I learn something new every time”.