Senior team update

The senior team have been teaching more lessons this term. They have been teaching lessons on a Christian’s view on creation, what the Bible says on discrimination and what it means to be a Christian. They have just finished six weeks of lessons working with a group of year 9 students at Le Murier, training some students to deliver an assembly to their peers on the story of Joseph. They worked alongside them to help them pass a unit for the ASDAN qualification they are working towards. They spent 5 weeks helping them prepare a presentation on the Bible story Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat with the final week being their performance to year 7 and 8 students. They focused on the theme of jealousy which is demonstrated by the brothers in the story and looked at how we can over come jealousy. This was a really great experience and the senior team thoroughly enjoyed working with the students.

During lunch clubs they have been focusing on the overall theme of Justice, for example different views on crime, punishment, war, the government and poverty. It has been a really fascinating term full of really interesting discussions!

The team are currently preparing for a group of lessons coming up at La Mare for year 11s on the creation story in the Bible.