NT Mini Training

Just before half term, the PACE team and OT Mini presenters met together for three sessions with Phil Baskerville introducing us to NT (New Testament) Mini. This is in preparation for the official training in September. Phil worked very hard to develop lesson plans for NT Mini during lockdown and so we felt it would be good to invite him over and show us how he would teach the sessions. It was great to see Phil and spend time with him again!

We were taught the signs (like sign language signs) for the key events in the New Testament and shown the props that could be used during the 5 week course.

We, along with our wonderful volunteers, have been teaching OT (Old Testament) Mini in many school’s across Guernsey. However, there will be some changes being made to some schools RE curriculum come September, meaning that there may be less Old Testament being taught and more New Testament teaching.

We wanted to make sure that we were ready and prepared to teach the New Testament in schools and have already had a few schools asking for it!

There will be an NT Live event on 7th September 10am-4:30pm at Spurgeon Baptist Church which we hope many will attend to see Tom Greene, from the organisation, Walk Through The Bible, representing NT Mini, teach us the timeline of the New Testament. This is suitable to anyone involved in church ministry, teaching or just keen too expand their knowledge on the New Testament, and learn simple ways to remember key events, so we all can effectively communicate these to others.

NT Mini is an an interactive and colourful impacting way to understand and communicate the Bible effectively. Please do sign up for a great day!