Weekly Update







This week we are going to be continuing our assembly on Creation at Amherst, St Martins and Forest Primary schools. Above you can see Sarah and Chloe in action during an assembly last week.

We’re now going into week 5 in our BOLT clubs, focussing on how God hears and answers our prayers. We will be discussing how God might answer our prayers and why He might not always say yes straight away.

Last week in one of our BOLT clubs, we received some encouraging feedback from a teacher that was present. She fed back that one of the pupils who took part in the 1 to 1 challenge, normally finds it difficult to confidently complete an activity. However the teacher said that she felt proud that the child managed to complete the task easily. It was a great achievement for that child!

This week we have multiple lessons in La Mare High School and Blanchelande College on the subject, “Prejudice, Discrimination and Persecution”. Please pray that there will be some good discussion and conversation during these lessons.

Please continue to pray for the students that we interact with.