Weekly Update

This week our team will be busy with a variety of lunch clubs, lessons and assemblies.

We will have assemblies at Vale, St Martins, Beechwood, La Mare de Carteret Primary, Acorn House, Blanchelande, Amherst, Melrose and Ladies College.

Our primary assemblies have the theme of “God’s Love Never Goes Off” where we explain that God’s love doesn’t have a sell by date, and is new every morning. This includes an exciting sketch with food that has gone “off” including a green orange..!

BOLT clubs began last week with an great number of children attending in each of the five schools. This week the theme is “God Loves Me”.

OT Mini will also continue into Week 2 in Hautes Capelles, St Mary and St Michael and Amherst Primary schools.

Senior assemblies this week are on the theme ‘giving of yourself’ taking inspiration from the film Paddington and the story of the Good Samaritan. We hope to encourage the students to look outwards and serve those around them.
We also have two lessons looking at “War” at La Mare de Carteret for Year 11. The lesson objectives ask the questions: “What does the Bible say about war and therefore how should a Christian respond?” We are looking forward to entering into discussion with students around the topics of Pacifism and Just War Theory.
It was great to have our Senior School lunch clubs up and running last week and to meet with the students again. This week we are looking at the question “What would the most fulfilling life involve?”