Weekly Update

Our week has been busy with primary school assemblies at Amherst, St Mary and St Michael and Le Rondin schools.

In our Year 4 BOLT clubs we have been looking at the theme “God made us special”. We talk about how God made each one of us, and we are all unique. One of the activities encourages the children to look at their thumbprints and create a picture of themselves using their thumbprint as a face.

This week in Senior Lunch Clubs we take on the question of ‘Is Christianity Untrue?’ – looking at the reliability of the Bible!

Last week we had our first session at Le Murier School working with a group of students to put together an assembly based on a Bible story. This work will go towards the students ASDAN qualification. We are looking at the story of Moses and the theme of of overcoming difficult circumstances and having to be brave. We are excited about this opportunity to work with the students.