Weekly Update

We finished our first round of assemblies at Hautes Capelles this week and are starting our second round at St Mary and St Michael, La Houguette, Vale, Vauvert and Forest primary schools. We are now looking at the story of Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man, focusing on the actions of his friends, as they lowered him through the roof. Our assembly starts with a game which involves volunteers trying to walk with a ball between their knees, followed by the story being told. The children help bring the story to life by doing some actions or making some noises when certain words are said. For example when the word “friends” is said, the children shake hands with the person next to them.

The assembly is then summed up by bringing out the actions of the four friends, and how they carried their friend and cared for him. They did not stop until they introduced him to the best friend anyone could have, Jesus.

Our OT Mini courses are coming to an end in their Week 5, where some of the events we look at are the exile and return of Judah, Zerubbabel rebuilding the temple and then the long wait before Christ is born. In the next few weeks the children will perform all 40 hand signs to the rest of their school and receive a certificate marking that they completed the course.

BOLT club is also into Week 5, looking this week at God Hears and Answers our Prayers. We talk about how God might not always answer our prayers straight away in the way that we were expecting but he always hears them, whether we say them in our hearts or out loud.

In senior schools, our mini-series has started well in lunch clubs where we had lots of fun playing a guessing game making things out of Play-doh. We introduced the biblical creation story and laid the foundation that all Christians believe that God created the world. This week we are asking the question ‘what about science?’ exploring whether science and the Bible can ever be compatible when it comes to creation.

We are visiting Elizabeth College this week for a run of assemblies on the theme of giving of ourselves and loving our neighbour, drawing on inspiration from footballers who have used their money or celebrity status to help other people. We conclude that we can all be like the Good Samaritan and help others who are in need. We are also back at La Mare to do our final lesson on the Christian attitude on War. Finally, we are continuing our lessons at Le Murier and this week we have a dress rehearsal before the students lead the assembly in front of their peers.