Weekly Update

It’s hard to imagine that this time last week we were planning ahead for the snow! As the schools were closed Tuesday to Thursday, a lot of out work was cancelled or postponed. We managed to hold our Prayer Spaces day at Notre Dame on Friday which went really well. There will be a blog post shortly on all our recent Prayer Spaces events.

This week, with things back to normal, we will be coming to the end of our series of assemblies on the story of the Paralyzed Man at Hautes Capelles, St Martins and Castel. We will then be moving onto our final assembly of the term, looking at Lent and Easter at St Mary and St Michael, La Houguette, Amherst and Vauvert. Please pray that these go well and that the children engage and enjoy them.

We will also be continuing our OT Mini lessons at Blanchelande and Melrose, plus starting a new course at Beechwood. Because of the snow last week, 16 topics and signs will have to be taught in one lesson at some of these schools in order to finish the course before Easter! Please pray for Phil and Sarah as they deliver these!

We are now on Week 8 in BOLT club looking at “Jesus Died For Us” where we discuss why Jesus died and ask the children to write down something they would like to say sorry for or let go of. They then place them into a magic bag and we say a short prayer. When they open their eyes, the things that they have written down have turned into a sticker that says, “Smile, Jesus Loves You!”

Due to the snow, most of our senior lunch clubs were cancelled last week, therefore we will be continuing with last week’s theme thinking about how faith is putting belief into action. A bit like a bungee jump, you don’t know what it’s really like until you take that step…

This week we will be delivering our assembly on ‘giving of ourselves’ at Blanchelande College. We are really enjoying having the opportunity to share such a great and important message to the students on the Island.

The lessons at Ladies College and Le Murier were also postponed last week due to weather and we hope to reschedule them.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.