Weekly Update

Our primary assemblies this week will be looking at Easter and thinking about how some things that we think might be impossible can actually be possible. We use an illustration where we ask if it’s possible to cut a hole in a piece of A4 paper that is big enough for a person to step through. Even though it seems impossible, by cutting it in a certain way it becomes possible! We then look at the death and resurrection of Jesus and how it seems impossible but Christians believe that it is true. We will be taking this assembly to Beechwood, La Mare, Acorn House and Vale Infants this week.

BOLT clubs are into Week 9 looking at “Jesus rose again” where we look at Romans 6:9: “For we know that Christ has been raised from death and will never die again—death will no longer rule over him.” We spend some time asking their opinions on what they think happened to Jesus.

We also have a lesson with Year 4 at Melrose this week, looking at Easter.

Our secondary team are also discussing the Easter Story in their lunch clubs, particularly focussing on the question, “How is the resurrection possible? – What evidence do we have?” We introduce the story by watching this fun video of kids recounting the Easter Story, their ideas are quite amusing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tig2ddQyzb0

Easter is the theme of some of our assemblies this week. At La Mare Senior School, we are focussing on the theme of Salvation. We take inspiration from movies to explain how this concept is often reflected in films. We conclude that the celebration of Easter reminds us of the salvation humanity receives through Jesus’ death and resurrection and this action shows the love that God has for us and the hope of new life.

We are visiting the Grammar School for an assembly on the theme of ‘giving of ourselves’ and we are looking forward to sharing with the students. The team will also be visiting Le Murier School to work with the students to write up their assembly they performed as part of their ASDAN qualification. We really enjoyed working with the students to put together an assembly and are looking forward to sharing with them on how well they did.

Please pray for us as we share the message of Easter.