Weekly Update

During our last full week of the Spring Term, we will be delivering Easter assemblies at Amherst, Hautes Capelles, St Martins and Forest.

Our BOLT clubs are in their final week. We recap what we have taught over the previous nine weeks and finish on talking about how “We Can Be Friends With God!”. We give out cards with reminders of the themes from each week along with the Bible verses that we looked at, encouraging them to look them up. In total we have had about 98 children attend these clubs. It has been great fun, we have enjoyed them and I believe the children have too!

We also have multiple lessons looking at Easter at Vale Primary School with Year 5. Please pray that these go well and that the children enjoy the lessons as well as learn something they didn’t know before about the Easter story.

This week in Senior Lunch Clubs we are having lots of fun! We are setting the students a challenge: who can build the tallest tower out of newspaper and sellotape which can hold a Creme Egg! The winning team of course will all get a Creme Egg! Look out for photos on Instagram (you can follow us ‘Paceguernsey’ on Instagram). We will also be visiting Elizabeth College this week for assemblies on Easter.

Please pray for us as we start to think about next term and planning for future activities.