Weekly Update

This week our primary assemblies will be continuing at Amherst, Castel and La Mare de Carteret primary schools. We will also be visiting Blanchelande for an OT Mini presentation.

Our BOLT clubs are into their second week, looking at “God Loves Us”.

In senior lunch clubs we are starting our series on emotions and this week we are looking at sadness. We focus on the verse in Ecclesiastes which explains how there is ‘a time for everything’ and that includes being sad. Sadness is emotional pain which we need to acknowledge so that we can heal properly after bad things happen to us. It can also helps us to empathise and care for other people during difficult times.

We have one senior assembly this week at Ladies College, where we will be encouraging the students to not let fear hold them back when faced with new activities or challenges. Instead they can allow that fear to be a springboard, helping them focus on the task and succeed. The assembly takes inspiration from the disciples who were afraid after Jesus died, hiding away in the upper room, but after their encounter with Jesus they were ready to go out and tell the world about Jesus despite the consequences of those actions. We remind the students that they are not alone in feeling afraid and that talking about it can allow others to help them through those tough times. Below are some of the inspirational images that we used in a PowerPoint during the assembly.