Weekly Update

This week, we are busy with Prayer Spaces at La Mare de Carteret Primary. We will be there for 3 days set up in a classroom with 9 stations including: Thankful Playdoh, Quiet Space, Clean Coins, Helping Hands, Hopes and Dreams, Sorry Bin, Thankful Ribbons, Treasure Box and Light Lillies. We’ll be spending time with children in Reception up to Year 6.

We will also be visiting Beechwood for their assembly on “The Untouchables”. Our BOLT clubs are on Week 3 looking at “God Made Me Special”, where we spend some time discussing that we are all unique and have been created by God.

In Senior lunch clubs this week we are continuing our series on emotions by thinking about joy and encouraging the students to look for things to be joyful about, even in hard times. We take inspiration from Paul writing to the believers in Philippi from prison and saying, ‘Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again rejoice’ (Philippians 4v4). Life isn’t always easy, as we found looking at sadness last week, but finding reasons to be thankful in hard times is one way of getting through difficult times.

We will be visiting Le Murier School this week to lead an assembly on the theme of facing our fears. We will be telling the story of Jesus calming the storm, when the disciples were terrified by the wind and the waves as they crossed a lake.  Then Jesus spoke and calmed the raging waters. We all go through stormy times in life but we never have to go it alone. God is with us and often there are people around us to guide and help us through those fearful times.