Weekly Update

This week we will be visiting Hautes Capelles and Acorn House for primary assemblies continuing with the theme, “The Untouchables”.

Our two BOLT clubs will be into week 5 looking at “God Hears and Answers Our Prayers”. These clubs have been great fun over the last few weeks with both schools having a great group of children regularly attending each week. Please pray for more to join as the weeks go on but also praise God for those that are coming and that we’re getting to know each week.

Sarah and Sian Street will be starting a new course of Walk Through the Bible’s OT Mini this week at Forest. This their first course as main presenters, with much to remember and prepare. Please pray for them as they prepare, practise and deliver the first lesson during this week. There will also be a course running for Year 6 at Forest run by other Walk Through presenters, Roger and Bev. Please pray for this too and for the presenters.

Phil will be delivering a lesson on the Bible at Melrose. Please pray for him as he finalises the plan and delivers it.

In senior lunch clubs this week we are looking at the characteristic of patience and the importance of developing a patient attitude. We start the sessions off with a few challenges where the students have to exercise patience, for example, giving them a sweet and telling them if they haven’t eaten it by the end of the club they can have another one! We look at James 1:2-8 and think about how perseverance through challenges develops us a person to keep going through all kinds of situations.

This week we are visiting La Mare High for a run of lessons on Prayer. We are exploring the different aspects of the Lord’s Prayer and showing the students there are various ways to pray and different types of prayer. The students will interact with a diverse number of prayer stations with different themes: forgiveness, saying sorry, asking questions and asking God for help amongst others. Below are some images from the lessons.

The senior team will also be visiting St Sampsons and Les Beaucamps high schools for an assembly on the theme of ‘giving of ourselves’ and we look forward to sharing this message with the students.

We will be holding our annual Presentation Evening on 11th June at Les Camps Methodist Church. We’d love to see you there!