Weekly Update

As we approach the end of term, our week is mostly consisting of transition lessons for pupils in Year 6 who will be moving on to new schools. Feedback so far on the lessons has been very positive and we’re looking forward to delivering more this week. So far we have been to Notre Dame, Vale and Hautes Capelles. Later in the week we’ll be at La Houguette and Amherst.

Sarah and Sian have just finished their presentation assembly at Forest for the OT Mini course they did with Year 5. They delivered a quick summary of the 5 lessons they taught before the Year 5’s presented the 40 signs to the rest of the school. Well done to all the Year 5’s! We’ve already talked about booking in for next year!

Phil will be visiting St Mary and St Micheal to deliver the last session in their OT Mini today.

Please keep praying for the team as they approach the end of term, and in looking for a new school’s worker. We also ask that you continue to keep the 650 Year 6 students of the island, who will be approaching their last week of primary school and may be feeling mixed emotions about moving to Year 7.