Weekly Update

Following a nice half term break we are back to work with lots of activities happening this week.

Our BOLT clubs are starting to look at who Jesus is and what he did in our topic, “Jesus came to do good”. We challenge the children by getting them to call out what they know about Jesus, what stories they’ve heard about it and who they think Jesus is.

In senior lunch clubs we are exploring the importance of kindness and Jesus’ famous teaching of ‘Treat others how you would like to be treated.’ We are specifically focussing on this topic as it is annual anti-bullying week next week. We wanted to get students thinking about this topic and the value of being kind to one another.  

The senior team will also be visiting La Mare High for another session on prejudice and discrimination this week with year 11 students. They will also be visiting Ladies College for their final lesson on creation with year 8. The students have been very inquisitive in these sessions and we have enjoyed discussing the origin of the universe with them.

On Wednesday the team will be taking some time together with Rev. Dr Adrian Datta at St Peter’s Church where we will have a chance to reflect and pray on the work we do.

We also finally got round to taking a new team photo! It was a bit windy but we successfully got one!