Weekly Update

Last week we visited Adrian Datta at St Peter’s Church for a quiet morning. We were led through a series of devotions based on Luke 10:1-9 and Jesus sending out the 72. It was an encouraging morning as we reflected on our stories of how we had come to work for PACE and our calling of being sent out to do this work. We spent time reflecting on verse 3: ‘I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.’ As Christians we are not promised an easy path, but like sheep in the fields have a shepherd so do we, as we carry out our work we have God watching over us and guiding us on our journey.

In the primary schools, we have just started rolling out our second assembly of the term. This is looking at The Parable of the Great Banquet. To begin the assembly we ask if they could invite anyone to a party, who would it be? Answers so far have included their family, their best friends, but also Michael Jackson and The Queen!

To round up the assembly, we focus on what this parable tells us about what God is like. We ask the children to identify who in the story is representing God and explain how he includes and loves everyone. God invites anyone and everyone to be his friend. This week we are visiting St Martins, Castel, La Mare, Forest, Vale and St Mary and St Michael’s.

Our BOLT clubs are on Week 8, looking at “Jesus Died for Us”. We encourage the children to ask questions. Although we can’t always answer the questions, there have been some very thoughtful ones!

Finally this week we will be visiting the Year 3’s at La Houguette to deliver a recap lesson on child and adult baptism to round up their topic. We’re really looking forward to this and are so pleased to have been invited.

This week in senior lunch clubs we are exploring the theme of Judgement. In society we can be quick to judge others but Jesus’ life was one led by grace, his death and resurrection being the ultimate example. We discuss why we are so quick to judge and what difference it would make to our lives if we followed Jesus’ example of showing grace to others.

We also had the opportunity to share at Les Beaucamp High in an assembly on anti-bullying. We shared about the importance of respecting one another and valuing each others differences rather than using them as away to be mean to one another. Concluding with Jesus’ teaching on ‘treating others how you would like to be treated.’ Encouraging them to think about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before making a judgement about someone.