Weekly Update

Our primary team are very busy delivering our second assembly of the term this week. We’ll be visiting Haute Capelles, Notre Dame, Beechwood, Vale, Acorn House, Melrose, Vauvert and La Houguette! So far the children (and teachers!) have really enjoyed the assembly and we’ve loved delivering it!

BOLT clubs are into Week 9 looking at “Jesus Rose Again”. We talk about how God has power over all things, even death. The children have a chance to think about what happened to Jesus and ask questions. We’ve had some really interesting questions and thoughts about this. One child thought that perhaps Jesus was risen from the dead because so many people loved him and that power bought him back from the dead. Questions have been things like, “Why did people not like him?” “Did Jesus choose to die?” and “Was he really dead?” What an insight into their thinking!

This week in senior lunch clubs we are looking at compassion. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines it as: ‘Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.’ Jesus was often moved to action due to having compassion on a person in need. Sometimes we might think issues are too big and we can never make a difference but we encourage the students to think about how any action however big or small can have a huge impact on a person.

We also have the opportunity to visit Le Murier School and teach a session on Advent. We will be exploring the story of the Wise Men and how they prepared to meet Jesus. We will be discussing what we do to prepare for Christmas and the importance of remembering that this a time to think about Jesus coming to Earth.