Weekly Update

This week BOLT clubs are on their last teaching week, looking at “We Can Be Friends With God”. We round up what we’ve learnt over the last 10 weeks:

“Over the past 10 weeks we have taught you lots of things about God, how He created the world, how He loves us, and made us special, how He speaks to us, and wants us to pray to Him. Why did God do all these things? Because He wants a friendship with us. Throughout the Bible, the people didn’t always listen to or want to know God. By sending Jesus He showed how important we, humans, are to Him. The Bible says God wants nothing in return other than our belief in Him. People get closer to God by doing different things. By reading the Bible to understand more about Him. By praying, as then God can help us to know what is best for our lives. By going to church so that they can sing and tell God what they think of Him. Just like we spend time with our friends, God wants us to spend time with Him. Do these things make us perfect people? No – we all do things that are wrong, and make mistakes. But really all these things do is help us to be closer to a God who wants to be our friend.”

We have assemblies with Amherst this week, both infants and juniors, Blanchelande and Vauvert. Phil and Kate Hatton will also be delivering their 4th OT Mini session at St Martins with Year 6.

The season of Advent starts this weekend, so we are leading a number of senior assemblies over the next few weeks based on preparing for Christmas. This week we are at Elizabeth College. We look at different activities we have to prepare for, including Christmas and then talk about how Advent is a time to stop in amongst all the busyness and remember what Christmas is all about. The true reason for this wonderful season which is Jesus coming to earth.

In senior lunch clubs we are looking at the importance of forgiveness. Exploring what makes it difficult to forgive others and how sometimes we all need to be forgiven. Looking at how Jesus taught us to forgive those who have “wronged” us just as sometimes we need forgiveness too.

We will also be leading two sessions at La Mare on the Christian views on Prejudice and Discrimination.