Christmas Lessons

Last week we visited Melrose, Castel and Notre Dame to deliver lessons on the Christmas Story. This was a lesson for Year 3.

We started off the lesson asking the question, “Has Christmas Lost It’s True Meaning?” This was the overall question of the lesson and we would come back to it at the end.

The children came up with lots of answers to what Christmas meant to them and we made a list. These included; the birth of Jesus, decorations, snow, family time, presents, games, fun, happiness and many many more!

Phil then told the Christmas story using Godly Play. The children were all mesmerized by each character and listened very carefully, answering all the questions afterwards.

In one school we had time to tell the story of Papa Panov. We then split into small groups and used the technique of hot seating, where a child became a character from the story and answered questions.

Finally we finished by making a little booklet of the Christmas story. The children loved doing this and there were some great booklets made!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas!!