Weekly Update

Our first primary assembly of the term starts this week. We will be visiting Hautes Capelles, Acorn House, Forest, Beechwood and Vauvert. Our assembly looks at the story of Zacchaeus. Using an interactive story and a “snip & tell” recap we encourage the children that even though Zacchaeus was an unpopular person, Jesus was different. He welcomed him, cared for him and spent time with him! We are all precious to God and we should look out for other people and care for them as Jesus cared for Zacchaeus.

Our OT mini courses continue in various schools, they are all going really well and we continue to enjoy them too! Our new BOLT clubs start this week too at Forest, St Martins, Notre Dame and Beechwood.  This week we’re looking at “God is awesome” and introducing the children to what we will be looking at over the next 10 weeks.

This week we have the opportunity to lead six year 7 sessions at St Sampsons High on the Christian views on evil and suffering. The main focus of the lesson is to look at how God can exist in a world where there is so much bad. The central part of the session is to help students understand the importance of Free Will. We have the wonderful Nicole Le Goupillot, from Delancey Elim Church assisting us in delivering these lessons.

It is our third week at Le Murier and the parts have now been allocated so we will be working with the students to develop their individual roles for their assembly.

In senior lunch clubs we are exploring the question: ‘Is it ever OK to be angry?’ The session gets students to think about different situations they might find themselves in ranging from, ‘the internet stops working’ to ‘your best friend is being bullied’ and how they would respond. Drawing from the stories of Cain and Abel and Jesus cleansing the Temple we discuss the question: ‘Can anger can ever be used for good?’

Finally, we thought we’d share some pictures of our Reflective Spaces with you. Last week, we spent 3 days at St Martins School guiding around 400 children in Years 2 – 6 around multiple prayer stations. These were:

Light Lillies – letting go of our worries.
Thankful Ribbons – what are you thankful for?
Sorry Slates – God always forgives us when we say sorry.
Fingerprints – We are all special and unique, precious to God.
Quiet Area – a space to pray or reflect.
Thankful Playdoh – can you make something that you are thankful for?
Question Wall – what do you want to ask God?

We had a fantastic time and the children were all wonderful. A big thank you to all our volunteers, those who cut out lillies and those that gave up part or all of their day to help us!

Enjoy these photos!