Weekly Update

Another busy week for us! We have primary assemblies at Castel, Melrose, La Mare, Beechwood and Vauvert. We had to delay a couple of assemblies last week because of illness. Please continue to pray for strength and health for our team!

The OT Mini courses continue, all at different stages, but all going very well! We have at least one lesson every day of the week which is great and keeps us busy!

BOLT clubs started well last week with enthusiasm, excitement and some very interesting discussions.  We are hoping for some more attendance this week as news of the clubs spread. Some of the schools have accommodated us by moving other lunch clubs to ensure the children that want to attend BOLT club do not miss out. We’re very thankful for our wonderful volunteers who are helping us run these clubs.

Last week’s lessons at St Sampsons High were a huge success, the students engaged well with the content and asked some extremely thought provoking questions such as: ‘Why did God put the tree in the garden?’ ‘If God knew we were going to fail, why did he bother to create us in the first place?’ ‘Why did God not stop WW2?’ – These questions have no easy answers and it was a real privilege (and a challenge) to discuss these deep and profound questions with the students.

This week we are visiting Ladies College to deliver a set of lessons on the Christian views on War to Year 9. The lesson focuses on the Just War Theory and Pacifism. We will also discuss what the Bible teaches about the sanctity of life and the importance of justice. We have no doubt that these sessions will lead to lots of questions with no simple answers, please pray for us as we get ready to deliver these lessons!

In senior lunch clubs, we are exploring the theme of sacrifice and drawing upon the life of Abraham as an example of what it means to be obedient to God.

We will also be delivering an assembly at Ladies College on the theme: “Strong people don’t put others down, they build them up.” We look at the life of Jesus as an example of how he equipped and transformed people into becoming the best version of themselves.