Weekly Update

It’s great to be back at full capacity again with Emma’s return from a month of travelling! Welcome back Emma!

This week we only have one primary assembly with Vale Infants but our Walk Through the Bible courses continue. Sarah and Sian will be completing their course tomorrow with their final session at Forest.

BOLT clubs continue with more children attending each group, we’re looking at God’s love this week. So far the children’s questions, comments and enthusiasm have all made the half hour we spend with them very enjoyable. It’s so great to be able to get to know the children more each week.

The sessions on War at Ladies College were well received and as the students engaged with the activities they had some very interesting insights and thoughts to offer.

This week we will visit Elizabeth College for a set of assemblies on creativity. For Christians God is a creative being and we can see that in the creation of the world. When God made people in his image he made us with the ability to be creative.  Humans have done some incredible things and achieved some remarkable feats. Yet our identity is even bigger than the things we do! As Christians we believe we are ‘made in the image of God’ – and because of this we are of ultimate worth and significance – above and beyond our achievements.

In senior lunch clubs we are exploring what people are afraid of in life. Drawing upon the life of Moses we encourage the students they are not alone in facing things they are scared or worried about. Moses had a big challenge to overcome when he had to return to Egypt but God promises to be with him all the way. Moses also has Aaron to help him through the trials and challenges and we have people around us to help us when we are afraid. We never have to feel like we are on our own.