Weekly Update

After a lovely half term break, we’re back refreshed for the rest of the term!

This week in primary schools, we’ll be visiting Amherst, Hautes Capelles and Vauvert for assemblies. Our BOLT clubs are on Week 5, looking at “God Speaks to Us Through the Bible”.

We will also be completing two courses of OT Mini at Vale as well as starting another four at St Martins, Melrose and La Houguette!

In our senior lunch clubs we are exploring the character of Gideon and discussing what characteristics make a good hero. Gideon was an unexpected hero, even when he doubted his abilities God still pursued him because God knew all that he was capable of doing. When we doubt ourselves and our capabilities Gideon reminds us that we all have the ability to be a hero!  

The Year 9 Le Murier students put on an excellent assembly, the performance ran smoothly and everyone played their part brilliantly. We have really enjoyed this experience and we will visit the school for the final session this week to talk about how the assembly went and to write up the paperwork for their ASDAN qualification.

We will also visit Ladies College for the final Year 9 session on the Christian views on War.