Weekly Update

We have now started our second assembly in primary schools, looking at Lent and how it is a time for Christians to have a “spring clean” of themselves and change any behaviors, or habits and improve themselves. To begin our assembly, we have a competition where two teams have 30 seconds to run to the middle, pick up one piece of rubbish, run back and but it in their bin then tag their team mate who does the same. The winner is the team that has the most at the end! We also watch a video clip from Lego Batman and talk about how it’s not only super villains who make bad choices, maybe the things we do aren’t quite as extreme but there are things that we could change about ourselves. We encourage the children to think of things that we all do that we could “throw away” and write them on bits of paper then actually throw them in a bin. So far common suggestions have been; bullying, not listening, swearing, retaliating, ignoring people and being rude.

Our OT Mini courses move into Week 2, with another one starting at Notre Dame. They do the course every two years with Year 5 and 6 so there is about 70 students for that lesson! Please pray that they engage with the stories and enjoy the session! Our BOLT clubs are looking at prayer this week, with an opportunity for the children to write a prayer of their own if they would like to.

This week in senior lunch clubs we are exploring the significance of the Bible as one big story. We look at passages in the book of Isaiah which talk about future events particularly in relation to the coming of Jesus. The Old Testament and New Testament are very much linked together and Isaiah is just one example of where we see this occur. The Old Testament is key to helping us understand the events written in the New Testament.

The final session at Ladies College on the Christian views on War was great and the students engaged well with the activities. Please see the pictures below of some of the comments students made about the lesson.