Weekly Update

This week we will be visiting Notre Dame, Acorn House, Amherst and Blanchelande to continue with our Lent assembly.

Our BOLT clubs are starting to look at Jesus with the theme “Jesus Came To Do Good”. After a quick talk about who Jesus was and what he did, we ask the children what they know about Jesus. They may have heard about different miracles, or parables or they may have some questions like “How did Jesus walk on the water?”

Last week Bishop Darlington from Kagera in Tanzania, who was over with Dr Sue Wilson and Tumaini, came with us to a few of our assemblies and lessons to watch what we do in schools. During one visit at Vale Infants, we were told that Year 2 have just started learning about Africa. After Phil mentioned that he lived in Kenya for a while, the teacher of Year 2 jumped at the chance of asking if Phil would like to deliver a lesson for them! He will be going in this week to do that, which is great. Although not “RE” it is a step forward to them involving us more in their curriculum.

Our OT Mini courses will be going into Week 2 at Notre Dame and Week 3 at Melrose and La Houguette.

In senior lunch clubs we are discussing the question ‘Is it risky to be a Christian?’ – we explore different characters in the Bible who experienced persecution and discrimination. We also discuss if persecution of Christians still happens today and draw upon recent research from the charity Open Doors who do an amazing work helping Christians around the world who don’t have the freedom to practice their faith openly. Find out more here: https://www.opendoorsuk.org/persecution/

This week we are leading a set of sessions for La Mare High Year 10 students on the Church and how it impacts its local community. Rather than taking the lessons at school, we have organised for the students to visit Trinity Church and see hands on how the local church is working in its community. They will hear about different ministries the church is involved in and the reason the church feels it’s important to help other people.

We have also had the pleasure of hanging out with Keith Mallett, a board game enthusiast who has been in Guernsey for just under a week. He has been visiting schools and church youth clubs and sharing his testimony with students as well as teaching them about his board games.