Weekly Update

This week we’ll be visiting Hautes Capelles, Vale, Amherst, La Mare, Melrose and Vauvert to continue our Lent assembly. So far these have been going really well, the game is definitely a highlight!

BOLT clubs are on Week 8, looking at “Jesus Died For Us”. We’re really enjoying getting to know the children and seeing them each week. It’s always great to walk into the school and the children are eagerly waiting for us!

We will be delivering a lesson to Year 2 at La Houguette looking at “Jesus as a Friend”. We will be looking at the key questions: “Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship? Was Jesus friends with everyone?” We’re really looking forward to this lesson, please pray that it goes well and that the children enjoy it!

This week in senior lunch clubs we are exploring the importance of perseverance when taking on new and difficult challenges. We look at the life of Jonah and how he chose to run away from his task but actually in running away that caused more problems for him. Christians believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each person and although it may not always be easy it often turns out to be the most fulfilling and exciting!

Our visits to Trinity Church continue with two more classes from La Mare coming along to find out how the local church can have an impact on the community. Sue Le Friec from Guernsey Welfare explained what the charity does and how it supports people all over Guernsey. See the pictures below of the students visit last week.