Weekly Update

After a refreshing Easter break we are back and ready to go. This week we have started our new primary assembly. The wonderful Nigel Lewis has written a great puppet play for us to present to students this half term. The puppet Oscar is super excited about a new holiday he has created called ‘Oscar Day’ where everyone has to give him presents and eat his favourite food in celebration of him. He thinks Oscar Day is far more exciting than Easter and Christmas to the point where he thinks they should be got rid of!! His best friend Amy, with the help of the PACE presenter helps Oscar to see why Easter and Christmas are rather important and getting rid of those celebrations might upset God. Oscar realises that he is perhaps being a bit selfish as he reflects on God’s greatest commandment to love God and to love others.

Our first lessons of the term happened last week with Year 5 at La Houguette. We looked at the Easter story asking the question “Did God intend Jesus to be crucified and if so was Jesus aware of this?”
In the lesson we went through what happened during Holy Week. One child commented that God was “very organised”. And as funny as this might sound, we thought he was right! God had every bit planned and we drew back to this when we visited the question again at the end. The children also got the chance to plant a sunflower seed. While they are away this week in France, we’re hoping they’ll start to grow for when they come back!

This week we are also busy with Prayer Spaces at La Mare. Our first day has gone very well with KS1. Some older children from the school are working on making a video for us so watch this space! A highlight from today was when a child from reception wrote “GOD” when he could make anything he was thankful for out of Plahdoh!

We would also like to share with you the latest Spring Newsletter giving an overview of all we got up to last term!