Weekly Update

In primary schools, we will be starting our second summer assembly this week. Visiting Vale and Acorn House, our theme is “Friendship”. We will be encouraging the children to make the most of their summer, spend time with their friends and have fun! Our starting activity will be a jigsaw, with volunteers putting together a picture of a BBQ. We’ll look at how Jesus liked a BBQ too! Using the story of Jesus and Peter, we’ll explore friendship, what makes a good friend and how we need to be good friends to others.

We will also be visiting La Rondin, to deliver our final puppet assembly. We’re really looking forward to this as the children love the puppets! A big thank you to Nigel Lewis and Kate Hatton for helping us out with these! We couldn’t do it without you.

BOLT clubs are going strong, we started at Vale last week with 6 children coming to the first session. This week we will be looking at “God Created The World”. At St Mary and St Michaels we’ll be looking at “God Speaks To Us Through The Bible.” Here numbers can vary from week to week, but we have a core group which is great!

This week in senior lunch clubs we continue with the theme of Social Media and the impact it can have our self-esteem. Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on the effect Social Media can have on our self-image, and remember we are so much more than the amount of ‘likes’ or ‘hearts’ we receive for our post. Christian’s believe our value is found in who God says we are, humanity is the pinnacle of God’s creation, God created us in His image (Gen 1:27), therefore we are of utmost importance to God.

Last summer we trialled Scripture Union’s ‘It’s Your Move’ lesson and it was a huge success in the 9 schools we visited. This year we will be presenting this session to all 14 primary schools as they look at transitioning to secondary school.  This session looks at the changes, challenges and choices that Year 6 students may encounter as they make their move to high school. This week we will visit La Houguette for the first of these lessons.