Weekly Update

Last week we had the Hautes Capelles lesson looking at the Bible with Year 3s. The session went really well with the children interacting with the activities. We started by asking them what they already knew about the Bible and were encouraged by the amount they could tells us about stories or people in the Bible. When we looked at specific stories like Creation, Noah, and Jesus in more depth, they were able to fill in the gaps when we asked them. The lesson was received well by the school and said that “it was a great introduction to the special book that Christians believe in.” Thank you to Adam and Claire who helped us in presenting this lesson.

Lisa and Claire Hill, from The Salvation Army, visited Le Murier school to deliver an assembly on Harvest to the Year 7s. We looked at our favourite food, where food comes from and the importance of sharing our food. This was illustrated by Lisa refusing to share her box of Celebrations! Claire then reminded Lisa the importance of sharing and giving with a joyful heart (2 Corinthians 9:7.

Primary assemblies started off at Hautes Capelles last week, continuing at Forest, La Mare and Castel this week. Our theme is feeling like the odd one out and the importance of including and helping our neighbours who are feeling left out or are in need. We use the story of the Good Samaritan to illustrate the importance of being a friend to everyone.

In senior schools, we have visited Elizabeth College this week where the assembly looked at taking responsibility for your actions. Lisa was joined by Mick from Eldad to deliver these assemblies. We encouraged the students to think about what kind of person they wanted to be. At Ladies College we will lead an assembly on how the choices we make impact other people.

A message from Phil:
“It’s been a very different start to the new school year for me personally! Instead of the usual new term busy-ness, I had my long awaited and much needed hip replacement operation in early September, and after 4 days in hospital I returned home to start the long enforced lay-off period of rest and recuperation, which will take me out of ‘up-front’ action until after half term, having been signed off work by the surgeon for 6-8 weeks! The operation went really well – thank you so much for your prayers and the many cards that have appeared! So now it’s keeping up with the prescribed physio appointments and exercises which, hopefully, will produce a much more mobile and energetic me!!

Before the op, however, it was great to be able to train 5 more new OT mini presenters in late August, having now been authorised by ‘Walk through the Bible UK’ to train new presenters myself here in Guernsey – so welcome to the team: Sarah-Jane Allen (St Saviour’s); Tim and Dorcas Berry (La Villiaze); Frances Ogier (Spurgeon Baptist) and Eleanor White (St Peter’s). That makes 8 new presenters this year as the demand for this exciting 5-week Bible course has grown. Excellent!!”