Weekly Update

Our first set of primary assemblies this term have started and are going really well! Our theme is “Can We Start Again?” We start the assembly by getting our introduction wrong; our names, the time of day, the name of the school, even the year! A bit of fun to introduce how we all make mistakes but we can start again. We then show a video clip of bloopers from The Lion King, which the children love. Our story for the assembly is Jonah and through acting it out, we learn that God gave Jonah another chance to make the right choice. We finish by encouraging the children that there is always a chance to try again and make a new start. 

BOLT clubs have also started off well with our amazing volunteers. At Castel our numbers doubled in the second week and we now have 18 children attending which is fantastic. 

Last week we also had a fantastic lesson with Year 1 at Forest on Creation. We looked at the story and got the children thinking about how we should treat God’s creation. They then got to make something they like from the story out of Playdoh – great fun!

Senior lunch clubs are back up and running and it has been great to catch up with students following the Christmas holidays. This term’s theme is ‘things in the news’ – we will be giving students the opportunity to discuss and share their thoughts on current topics! 

Finally, we have an exciting training day coming up in March. Prayer Spaces UK will be coming over to speak to us and help us improve the work that we already do with them. It’s a day for anyone who is a current volunteer with us or who’s interested in becoming involved with Prayer Spaces. We would love to see you there!