Weekly Update

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul” Psalm 94:19. 

The last few weeks have been chaotic and uncertain with the situation surrounding Coronavirus changing daily. The guidance and advice had a big impact on our work as we looked to support the schools of Guernsey. Our diary went from overwhelmingly full to nearly empty overnight as many assemblies, lessons and lunch clubs were rightly cancelled. Please join with us as we pray for schools across the Island as they adjust to working at home over the next few weeks. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the advice given on non-essential travel we took the decision to cancel our Prayer Spaces Training Day which was due to take place on Saturday 21st March. We hope that this event will be rescheduled for later in the year. 

A weird term, but SO much achieved! Lots of new OT Mini presenters now ‘up and running’ – well done Claire, Eleanor, Frances, Nigel and Sarah-Jane – and, although some courses were interrupted, we have taught 43 OT Mini lessons to nearly 400 children, including our first ever lessons at Le Rondin……. with lots more to come (?!? we hope!) next term. Great comment on our last day of teaching – from a parent-teacher – her son was struggling to come to school through all the uncertainties but she told me ‘he got up and came to school that day because he was desperate not to miss the OT Mini lesson’!! I love it!! – Phil

One set of lessons we were able to continue with was ‘Christian views on Creation’ at Blanchelande with year 9 students. These lessons are always interesting as we discuss with students the origins of the world. We discuss Genesis 1 asking the students to think about what is the most important part of creation and do they think anything could have been left out? One activity involves them putting the days in order using images which depict each day. We set Victoria the task of creating some new images and they are so good we thought we would share them with you. Please see below.