PACE Update

We have quite a bit to share with you this week, some exciting developments in our work in supporting schools during this difficult time. We had some discussions with teachers and discovered that what the schools would benefit from was some sort of Prayer Spaces event. However as we cannot go in to deliver this, Sarah put together a “DIY Prayer Space” pack and we sent it out to all the primary schools last week. This was inspired by the Prayer Spaces At Home activities that have been released over the last 8 weeks on.

Looking at the stations that we normally do, we selected 5 that needed little effort to set up but would cover emotions such as; worry, thankfulness, bravery, and encourage children to ask questions and be still in a time of uncertainty. Have a look at our Prayer Spaces Pack and feel free to use at home for yourself or your family. We also encourage you to look at the Prayer Spaces in Schools resources. 

Our next exciting news is that finally we have gone live with Our History page! It’s been long awaited and took longer than we thought it would but finally we have a timeline of how PACE started and key moments that have happened over the last 30 years! Visit Our History page and see how much the work has grown! We have been so blessed and thank God for everything we have achieved. Thank you to every team member who contributed and reminisced over their time with PACE to help us put this together. We pray that the work continues to grow and we can keep serving our local schools.

Lastly, it has been announced that primary schools will start going back on 8th June. It’s great to be moving in the right direction in getting back to some kind of ‘normal’. However we know it will be a stressful, difficult, worrying process for both teachers and children as well as their families. We just ask that you keep all of these people in your prayers. Let’s pray for peace and calm as everyone adjusts to their new days and activities. 

We would also like to share with you this lovely picture that Lisa took last weekend of two painted stones she found at Rousse. One has “PACE” and the other “Acceptance” with a cross for a ‘t’. We don’t know who painted them or why but it was just a lovely reminder that our work in schools with the students has an impact and is being missed. We can’t wait to get back to delivering all our activities and seeing our students!