PACE Update

For the first time in over two months we were able to meet together as a team (socially distanced) for our Monday meeting this week. It was lovely to be back together in person. Even though it is not looking like we’ll be going back into schools soon we are still working on projects ready for when we are fully back up and running. One of these is producing new leaflets for churches, and schools, both primary and secondary. These will outline the work that we offer and how we can support the schools and students. With Victoria as the new “designer” we’re keeping them consistent and looking smart! You can see our church leaflet below. If you would like a PDF copy of this leaflet or physical copies, please let us know.

A note from Phil… One of the good aspects of the lockdown has been the opportunity of more space to prepare lessons…..and one particular area has been in preparing the new New Testament Mini course. For several years we have been teaching OT Mini, but the 5-week NT course has been ‘on hold’ with no presenters available. However with 8 more OT Mini presenters trained last year, there will now be time to teach NT Mini again, so I have spent the last 2 months putting a course together – involving numerous ‘Zoom conference calls’ to Walk through the Bible HQ as well as conversations with current NT Mini presenters in the UK to share ideas and resources. As with OT Mini, it involves a whole variety of exciting interactive teaching methods including drama, storytelling, role play, PowerPoint, video, music, games, discussion and even ‘magic tricks’; all involving numerous class volunteers to help teach the main storyline of the New Testament – summarised (as with OT Mini) by 40 actions/words which the pupils learn along the way. Sadly, the current restrictions on our physically going into schools means the 3 courses booked for this term have had to be postponed…..but, hopefully, only until the autumn! I can’t wait…..!

As you know, some of our schools went back this week with the rest returning next week. We know that this will be a difficult transition period for both students and teachers as they adjust to new rules and bubbles. Please keep them in your prayers.