PACE Update

We’re so excited to be able to go back into schools! Now that we’re entering into Phase 5, we have started to take bookings again which is great. We had a few OT Mini courses that were unfinished due to lockdown so we’re looking forward to completing those. At this time of year we also offer our Year 6 Transition Lesson on ‘Changes, Challenges and Choices’ so going back into schools means we have the opportunity to present this session in potentially every primary school. This is such an important session for Guernsey’s Year 6 students. And we’re so pleased we can reassure them that PACE will be around for them in their secondary schools.

Over the last few weeks, now that we can have real team meetings as opposed to Zoom meetings, we have been looking at some “Big Questions” together. Questions that we may get asked in lessons or lunch clubs during discussions. Sometimes it can be difficult to give a balanced answer, especially when we haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it ourselves. It can also be difficult to put it into “child friendly language”. For example in BOLT clubs, the leaders may get asked questions such as, “How is it possible that God hears everyone’s prayers?” or “Who made God?” Sometimes when put on the spot it can be difficult to have an answer formed so we decided to spend some time together looking at how to respond to these questions. Tim Keller has some fantastic resources that we will be dipping into as we discuss these things as a team. We believe it will not only strengthen our work but also our faith and understanding.

You might recall a few weeks ago we sent out a DIY Prayer Spaces pack to our primary schools. In the last few days we have received feedback and pictures from Notre Dame, who set up their own Prayer Spaces room! Have a look at the pictures below. We’re so pleased that this resource was used and helpful to the staff and children attending school during lockdown.

The staff really valued having the Prayer Spaces available to take ‘wobbly’ children to if needed in addition to group sessions. The worries that the children wrote down were very revealing and gave us all a good insight into how they are feeling and how difficult this time has been for them.” – Teresa Cable (Deputy Headteacher)