PACE is back!

PACE is back! We started the week with a strategy morning hosted by our Chairman, Mark. We then shared our vision and goals for the year with the PACE advisory board which is made up of local church leaders from different denominations. It is great at the start of a new school year to stop, pause and reflect on what PACE will look like this year and think about what areas of the work have the opportunity for growth and development.

The PACE diary is already filling up with lessons, assemblies and OT Mini courses. This week we started our first OT Mini course at Vauvert, Phil will be leading this alongside Emma Backhouse (Holy Trinity) and Nigel Lewis (Les Camps).

We also took two Creation lessons at Vauvert. We have a number of these booked in, with more requests flying in. Primary schools often start their RE curriculum looking at Creation in September so it is a perfect time for us to visit the younger years of the school and spend time with them. These will be with Year 1 and/or 2. For this week’s lessons our volunteers were Mick Leggett (Eldad), Frances Ogier (Spurgeon) and Emma Backhouse. The lessons went really well and were enjoyed by the children, teachers and volunteers! The feedback from the class teacher was:

“Thank you again so much for this morning. The children loved it, I loved it!”

This week we delivered an assembly on having a fresh start at the start of a new school year. It included drawing a portrait of Phil out of toothpaste and a challenge to get the paste back into the tube. This was to illustrate how we can’t change what has happened in the past however much we may want to, just like we can’t get the toothpaste back into the tube! We closed by drawing on the story of Peter and how even though he denied Jesus that didn’t stop him from playing his role in starting the early church. We concluded by encouraging the students to make the most of opportunities that come their way this year. This was held at La Mare High and will be held at Beaucamp in the following weeks.