PACE Update

We have had a very busy few weeks which has been great! On Saturday 19th September we held a Volunteer Training Morning. We felt a good way to start the year would be to gather our wonderful volunteers and go through a few of our resources, tips and safeguarding. We looked at lessons, Prayer Spaces and engaging with the children and heard what the volunteers enjoyed doing. As we always say we cannot do everything that we do week to week without volunteers. They make up about 15-20 hours per week! This includes lessons, lunch clubs, assemblies and increases when we have Prayer Spaces. THANK YOU!
The morning was followed by a thank you lunch which was enjoyed by all and gave us a chance to get to know everyone better.

On 22nd September we also held our AGM, later in the year than usual but well attended all the same. This time we set up stations around Forest Methodist Church presenting the different areas of our work. This included figures of what had been achieved during the year and the photos, props and even our puppets! The team shared some of their highlights from the year. Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope you enjoyed it!

Aside from these two larger events, we have also been pretty busy in schools! For our primary Creation lessons have visited St Mary and St Michael Yr 1 and 2, and Castel Yr 1 with Jean, Karen and Sarah-Jane joining us. OT Mini has started a new course at Notre Dame and for the first time in five years, Vauvert! The children have loved the first two weeks and engaged with all the hand signs and stories. A big thank you to Nigel, Frances and Emma for delivering these lessons with us.

Our puppet assemblies have been going down really well, with lots of laughter as Oscar confuses Coronavirus with “Cucumbervirus” a virus that comes from eating cucumbers. We have visited Acorn House, Melrose, La Houguette, Amherst, Forest and Vauvert so far.

Finally our lunch clubs are back with nearly all the senior schools starting again and BOLT club starting at Blanchelande, Amherst and La Houguette. Please pray particularly for attendance to these clubs. The children and students have many clubs to choose from but we would love them to try ours out too!