PACE Update

Another busy few weeks for the team. Phil has been in isolation for 2 weeks meaning Lisa, Victoria and Sarah with the help of Nigel took on the remaining puppet assemblies at Notre Dame, Vale, Castel, Vauvert, St Martins, La Mare and Capelles. We’ve had so much fun with this assembly and introducing Fanta, our elephant puppet when Oscar was unavailable. We even made it onto La Mare’s twitter feed as you can see here! Please enjoy this video of our assembly.

Sarah, Victoria and Claire Hill delivered two lessons to Year 3 at Haute Capelles. The first was an Introduction to the Bible where we looked at what the Bible is and how Christians use it. The second lesson focused in on three “Lost Parables” and why Jesus told them. We looked at The Lost Coin, The Lost Sheep and The Lost Son. In each story we discovered who each character represented and the meaning behind the parable.

Lisa took on two senior assemblies solo at Blanchelande with our New Start assembly and Ladies College looking at Passion and how one small act can make a huge impact in an unfair and unjust world.

Finally our senior lunch club attendance has increased dramatically after some assembly and form visits. At Blanchelande and Beaucamp we have seen 20-30 students attend! Thank you for your prayers.