PACE Update

Last week we led an assembly at Le Murier looking at the story of Noah and thinking about how we felt during lockdown, what was hard and what we enjoyed. The students reflected on this by thinking about their worries and were encouraged to talk to others about how they are feeling. 

We started this week with a Quiet Morning with Tricia Pill looking at 1 Corinthians 12. We spent time thinking about our strengths and gifts and what we individually bring to the team. We also got to encourage each other with prayer. Thank you Tricia!

Lisa and Phil led a Year 7 assembly at Grammar, looking at fresh starts. Numbers at our PACE club later on increased because of the visit.

Finally we held a Prayer Spaces event at St Mary and St Michael’s school. The theme was Creation and using some new stations, we spent nearly two days thanking God for His Creation and thinking about how we are all special and unique. One of the stations looked at the plastic pollution and allowed the children to think of ways they could help protect the world. We really enjoyed it and we know the children did too! One highlight was when a group left the hall and passed their classmates saying; “It’s amazing! You’ll love it! It’s so fun!” Below is a collection of photos and also a video put together of the stations and responses.