PACE Update

After the half term break, we’re back to work with lots planned for this half term. Phil has started three new OT Mini courses. They are at Vale with Claire Hill, Melrose with Sarah-Jane Allen and La Mare with Tim and Dorcas Berry. 

On Tuesday we spent the morning with Year 1 at Hautes Capelles learning about Creation. It was a great morning and the children really enjoyed the lesson and engaged well. 

This week we also lead a brand new lesson at La Mare High for Year 7 students called ‘Big Questions’. We explored questions on Jesus, God and the Bible and gave students the opportunity to ask any questions they wanted on Christianity. We had some great discussions with pupils on ‘Why did Jesus die?’, ‘Who is God? and ‘Is the Bible true?’. We want to say thank you to Matt Gregor from Vazon Elim who came along to help lead the sessions. 

Our lunch clubs this term are going well, in the secondary schools, numbers are great, with quite a lot of Year 7’s attending which means we can continue building the relationship with them that was started in primary. We only have two BOLT clubs running at Amherst and La Houguette but they’re both going well with the children always excited to join us! Next week we start looking at Jesus.