Firstly we hope you are all keeping safe during this second lockdown and have settled back to working from home. As a team we are meeting again on Zoom to check in with each other and discuss any work we can do at home. We have refreshed our DIY Prayer Space Pack for schools after some feedback during the last lockdown and Victoria has been busy creating some exciting resources to send to schools! 

The day before Guernsey went into lockdown, Phil, Sarah and Janet were at St Mary’s and St Michael’s reception class for their own mini Prayer Spaces lesson. In class they had been looking at the Feeding of the 5000 so we tailored some stations to bring out some aspects of the story. As a class we went through the story using Bob Hartman’s version and then explored being thankful for food by making Playdoh loaves and fishes, knowing Jesus listens to our worries using Worry Lillies and learning how we are all special and God cares for each one of us using Fingerprints! It was a little hectic as you can imagine but great fun! 

We ask that you join us in praying that our island situation improves and that schools can begin to open, especially for vulnerable and key worker children.